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We counsel and represent clients in all matters of family law from immigration paperwork and proceedings to divorce and separation, child custody and even personal bankruptcy. There is nothing more important than family. You deserve a lawyer who will serve you with knowledge, heart, and compassion.

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Family Law in Lowell, MA

Genesis Law is a team of dedicated legal professionals with a unique combination of significant family and immigration law experience and a true passion for protecting the rights of families in the U.S. We believe that every family deserves to have the best help possible when fighting for the right to happiness. We are here because we want to help.

Family Immigration

All stages and forms of family immigration.

U.S. Family Law

Child custody, child support, separation, divorce law.

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Specialized Attorneys

Law Practice

Our highly trained and experienced attorneys specialize in all areas of family law, family-based immigration, and personal bankruptcy. Our services are based on continuous education of our lawyers and individualized approach to every case.

When it comes to family, legal expertise has to come with true dedication, compassion and partnership. Call Genesis Law to experience the difference. Call Now!

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Although we call Middlesex County Court our home, we work with clients from all over Massachusetts. Our expertise in areas of family-based immigration, family law, divorce and bankruptcy procedures has built us a solid reputation across the state. Talk to our attorneys to see why.